Legacy of Fire

HCK Session 3



Cleared out the rest of the monastery. Found 3 geier (large vulture) eggs in the courtyard. Will the mother come back to check on them?

  • uncut garnet, worth 150gp
  • Phylactery of Faithfulness
  • Ring of Feather Fall
  • 43gp
  • Chime of Opening (4 charges remaining)
  • fine silver bowl, worth 75gp
  • 5 CLW potions (-1 Uril)
  • Courts of Stone and Flame, a treatise on genies of the elemental planes (grants +4 to Knowledge checks regarding genie kind)
  • a sheaf of paperwork containing several alchemical formulae including instructions covering the construction of Restorative Ointment and Marvelous Pigments
  • a small teak box emblazoned with the holy symbol of Sarenrae, containing a wooden holy symbol of Sarenrae suspended from a silver chain *Iskander
  • fully charged Brooch of Shielding
  • masterwork leather armor *Zedzya
  • +1 dagger *Iskander
  • small +1 light mace *Bael

Before you left to scout, Zastoran gave you each 2 CLW and 1 CMW. (Uril -1 CLW and Iskander -1 CLW)


If anyone needs the dagger, please just speak up. Biranja maybe?

If no one does, I will carry it as a backup magical weapon, but happy to give it up if anyone wants it later.

Iskander will claim the Sarenrae box+symbol.

HCK Session 3
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