In the exotic nation of Katapesh, a land of fortune and wonders, heroes are those with the courage to command their destinies. Such wisdom leads a daring band to the abandoned village of Kelmarane with the hopes of reestablishing the once prosperous community.

As the campaign begins, the player characters are mercenaries heading out into the northern scrublands of Katapesh on the camels of a patron named Garavel. Perhaps the characters are runaway slaves seeking a better tomorrow and the freedom a woman of Almah’s station can grant. Other characters might be traveling merchants looking to make a powerful ally, criminals forced into a service to Garavel as punishment, or simple desert scum in search of adventure. In the end it doesn’t matter who they are or where they come from—events have conspired to mire them here, on the edge of nowhere, at the border between cracked-dirt scrubland and the treacherous Brazen Peaks.

Legacy of Fire

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