Legacy of Fire



Roll20 link for Crown of the Kobold King: https://app.roll20.net/join/1217100/fF_P-g


Everything is showing up bold…should have a double asterisk on either side…

?{Which Save?| Fortitude, Fortitude [[1d20+4]] | Reflex, Reflex [[1d20+2]] | Will, Will [[1d20]]}

?{Which Attack?| Axe Attack, Axe Attack [[1d20+7]] | Axe Damage, Axe Damage [[1d10+4]] | Throwing Axe Attk, Throwing Axe Attk [[1d20+4]] | Throwing Axe Dm, Throwing Axe Dm [[1d6+4]]}

?{Which Skill?| Acrobatics, Acrobatics [[1d20-6]] | Appraise, Appraise [[1d20]] | Climb, Climb [[1d20-2]] | Disable Device, Disable Device [[1d20-4]] | Escape Artist, Escape Artist [[1d20-4]] | Heal, Heal [[1d20]] | Know/Dungeoneering, Know/Dungeoneering [[1d20+4]] | Know/Enginneering, Know/Engineering [[1d20+4]] | Perception, Perception [[1d20+1]] | Perception/Stonecunning, Perception/Stonecunning [[1d20+3]] | Survival, Survival [[1d20+4]]}

mcroane mcroane

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